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River/Lake and black water remediation

Panxi River Remediation - Yueliangwan Park Blackwater Treatment Project in Chongqing City

In recent years, Chongqing has become a national environmental protection exemplified city. The Panxi River, the city??s principle river had been seriously polluted by domestic sewage wastewater discharge. FMBR technology was applied to remediate the Yueliangwan section of the Panxi River. JDL constructed a 0.8 MGD WWTP occupying only 3000 Sq. ft. at the corner of the Yueliangwan Park. The project was completed in May of 2017 and since then operations have continued unattended. The effluent meets the state First Grade A standard consistently (BOD = 10 mg/l, TSS = 10 mg/l, TN = 15 mg/l, TP = 0.5 mg/l) . Since then the plant has not wasted biosludge and the surrounding landscape has been restored. Reclaimed effluent is reused for park recreation and for Panxi River conservation.  The Panxi River water quality has significantly improved as a successful river remediation project in a restored local ecological environment. 


This is a 4MGD wwtp of emergency response for Yueliangwan black water remediation project. The construction period is two months to meet IV category surface water discharge permit.