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International Projects

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At present, FMBR equipment has been applied in many overseas countries such as Italy, Dubai, Egypt, etc., covering a number of organic wastewater treatment occasions such as military camps, schools, hotels, etc., and the company has been listed in the UN procurement supplier catalogue!


FMBR Sewage Treatment Plant Project for Plymouth Municipal Airport in Massachusetts USA

The treatment capacity of this project is 19 tons/d, and the footprint of FMBR equipment is 184.7 sq. ft. The installation and comissioning of the equipment only took 15 days, and in the same condition of low temperature, the installation and commissioning period of this FMBR pilot project is shortened by three quarters compared with the traditional technology. Therefore, the FMBR process has the characteristics of fast construction, small footprint, low energy consumption, good effluent effect, basically no noise, and low sludge discharge.

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          Hoisting site                                                                    Installation site

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      Influent                                                                              Effluent