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Case Studies
Rural Community and Decentralized System

FMBR -- the Optimal Solution with Decentralized Mode

FMBR technology is a perfect solution for small, rural areas, with no collection network and lacking government funding. The FMBR system enables low income communities to build a WWTP on site. The system is affordable, economical and stable with its automatic/unattended feature. The decentralized mode has the following advantages


1. Savings of 60% of capital investment on sewage collection pipelines.direct or indirect portable reuse with advanced oxidation treatment.

2. Excellent effluent quality can be reused for multiple purpose, such as agriculture, landscaping and recreation.  It also can be used as a water resource for direct or indirect portable reuse with advanced oxidation treatment.

3. Very low periodic biosludge wasting... for future sustainable designs and environmental protection.                                                                                                                         

Bajing Town Wastewater Treatment Project in Jiangxi Province

Bajing town WWTP, with 0.53MGD flow, is the key demonstration project in Gaoan city. It is located   among residential buildings. The treated water quality consistently meets China national standards for the Urban Sewage Recycling and Urban Water Quality Standard (GB/T18920-2002). The treated water is directly used for landscaping, toilet flushing and road washing stations. 

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Bajing Town Wastewater Treatment Engineering